Mirri Art & Design is founded by our executive director Comm. Dato’ Dr. Ar. Luciano Mirri & Bruna Cassetti with 49 years of experience of Architecture and interior design for various countries. with ten years experience in Euro as an Architect Studio bases in Rome, and thirty years in Malaysia, Mirri Art & Design is organized as an integrated and multi-disciplinary team on projects especially related to the renovation and refurbishment of Hotels and Service Apartments.

All aspects of design, production and relevant financial parameters are continuously optimized in order to keep a high quality service.

Each project is supervised by the Quality Control Staff, to assess conformity to the contract and to the adopted standard specifications.


A wide range of services are provided, which include the following:


  • Feasibility study and master planning

  • Program Development

  • Preliminary design

  • Final design

  • Preparation of tender document

  • Work programming and project management

  • Contract document production

  • Contract execution

  • Supervision of works

  • Coordination of structural, mechanical and electrical works carried out by sub-contractors

  • Provision of furniture and building materials


Our activity is concentrated largely on the contemporary design and the architecture of interior spaces, rather than a simple guide to interior decoration. therefore, our research on new design line proceeds together in respect of the traditional motif and concepts that represent the roots of different countries’ culture.